What’s up families! Here I am with more news!

Yesterday was an awesome day! As usually, students woke up at 8:30 to have their breakfast and to take their morning daily lessons. Cambridge exam candidates are working hard and with enthusiasm!


After lunch time, we spent 1 hour an a half at the pool taking advantage of the nice weather we’re having this week. Thereafter, it was time to play two Olympic Game rotations! It seems that the Bears are coming back after winning the two matches. Besides, Turtles and Dolphins keep ahead of the competition and we still don’t know who’s gonna win… We’ll see!

In the evening, a big marathon dance party took place in the disco of Prades…FOUR HOURS NON-STOP DANCING! This is definetely the best summer camp ever! The end of the term is coming, and soon you will have your children back home… Until then, we will keep having fun with them!


We’ll be back tomorrow with more news, so stay around ;) BYE!

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