Good morning everyone!

Yesterday we woke up in the middle of London and we had an English breakfast, scrambled eggs, sausages, beans, bacon, and many other things to transport us from the summer camp to there.


During the morning the teenagers had their classes and the ones that will have the First or Advanced exam were preparing the speaking part. They have done very well, we hope that everybody will do the same in the exam and will pass.

Ya por la tarde, los alumnos se tuvieron que preparar para la Swimming competition, una competición en la piscina por equipos que hacemos cada año durante los campamentos de verano. Con los tiempos que hicieron vamos a hacer una clasificación con puntos para sumar en los Olympics.


And at night, after dinner, the party was at the swimming pool. It was decorated as an Ibiza party, everything in white. They had a bar and a cloak room, also they had a relax zone with some couches. During the night we played some games with balloons, stickers, giant balls and even a unicorn float.


That’s all folks ¡nos vemos mañana!

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