Good morning everybody!

As we wake up for our fourth day of the english summer camp, we have Ben Howard playing on the speakers. All in preparation for our awaited COACHELLA night!! Not only this, but today is a special day for two reasons: it´s photo day and fancy dress day!! We start the day by passing through the forest, where our magnificent photographer makes us show our teeth and smile for our group photo with our monitors.

Today, we will also show off our magnificent costumes in the fancy dress competition, where, at break time, our monitors told the kids to sign up for the contest. We had loads on our list, how exciting!

As the excitement builds, we go to our morning classes where we continue to learn new grammar and vocabulary. We have also practiced a lot of speaking, as our afternoon activity class consisted of some super fun activities. Some of us did some theatre, some of us recorded our own V blogs, and some of us created our very own product  in which we then presented to our class. Speaking english like this makes us so much more fluent and confident!

Once we finished our enlish classes, we put on our club tops and went straight to the pool. We had our team photos, showing our flag with pride, then began to play and enjoy the cold water of the swimming pool that we so needed. We wore our olympic tops, but today we did not have olympics. Today was club day! So, once we dried off and had our merienda, we got into our teams and went to clubs. Today there was yoga and relaxation, karts and buggy construction, social media and outdoor activies. A really nice mix of activities!

As the clubs end, the music starts to blare through the speakers, where the beat of the music helps us prepare ourselves for the amazing Coachella festival!! What an incredible festival: think a huge range of our favourite songs, think dances from J Balvin, a singing act from Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper and La Rosalia with her AMAZING dancers! Not only this, but towards the end of the night, we had our costume competition, where each one of us stood out on the stage and showed the incredible costumes that we had created. We had hoola girls, a group from ´La casa de papel´ and much much more. What an adrenaline rush!!

We did´t want the night to end, but the time arrived to go to bed. We had to go and rest and get ready for the day that awaits tomorrow.

Goodbye for now, and see you tomorrow!



Buenos días a todo el mundo!

Mientras nos levantábamos de la cama en este maravilloso cuarto día de English Summer camp, teníamos a Ben Howard sonando por los altavoces. Todo para ir preparando nuestra COACHELLA night!! Y no solo eso, ademas ha sido un día especial por otro motivo: es dia de foto y fancy dress!! Empezamos el dia pasando por el bosque donde nuestro querido fotografo nos hizo sonreír un poco para las foto de grupo con nuestros compañeros y monitores.

Hoy, podremos ensenyar nuestros increïbles disfraces en el concurso de disfraces. ¡Qué guay!

Mientras el entusiasmo augmenta, nos vamos a clase, donde seguimos aprendiendo cada vez mas vocabulario y gramática. También, hemos tenido la oportunidad de practicar nuestro ´speaking´ mientras nos montábamos nuestras propias obres de teatro con nuestros compañeros de clase. Algunos de nosotros tambien creamos nuestros propios blogs con las tablets. ¡Qué divertido es practicar el ´speaking´así!

Después de clase, nos pusimos la camiseta del equipo y nos fuimos a hacer nuestra foto en equipo, mostrando la bandera con mucho orgullo! Justo despues, aprovechamos el agua tan fresquita de la piscina para refrescarnos un poco antes de empezar una tarde un poco alternativa. Hoy tocava clubs con nuestro equipo! ¡Como nos gusta variar un poco nuestras tardes!

Luego a por la fiesta de Coachella, donde nos disfrutamos un MONTON! Que subidon de adrenalina!

Por ahora adios y nso vemos mañana.