Good morning families!

Amanecemos un día más en nuestra casa de Prades, pero hoy estamos con una mezcla de sensaciones porque para algunos, es hora de decir adiós a este campamento de verano.

Empezamos el día desayunando por última vez con nuestro grupo, para luego ir a nuestra clase y despedirnos de nuestros compañeros y teacher que hoy marchaban. Luego, ya empezamos a prepararnos para el check-out con un mar de incertidumbres ya que no sabíamos quien había ganado los Olympics.

Empezaron a llegar padres, abuelos, hermanos y todos los familiares que habíamos echado tanto de menos, y a continuación empezó la clausura. Aunque algunos se iban y otros se quedaban, hicimos la despedida todos juntos, ya que hemos estado muy unidos estos 14 días y queríamos despedirnos apropiadamente. A continuación cantamos dos canciones todos juntos y en pie, una de ellas creada por los propios alumnos y la otra por los teachers. Después, realizamos dos bailes, Feels like home y Medicine, una auténtica pasada.


Once we said our goodbyes, we all went to the dinning room to have some lunch. Some of our Friends have left, but mixing with new groups of people is the big positive side of this. We then went to the swimming pool where we had some time to relax in the sun and play some games. It feels weird with fewer people around the pool, but it also means we have more of the pool for ourselves! 



Straight after, we heading for our snack before the director sat us down and told us which new group we were in and whether we had a new monitor. For those of us that were moving, we were super excited to join a new group and get to know a whole load of new people. We quickly moved our clothes to a new room then went to play some sports matches against the monitors. We wo – of course!

As the sun started to go down, we went down for dinner with our new groups and got to know eachother a Little more over some pizza. We are so excited to start this third week together! To further this feeling, tonight we went walking to the village of Prades, with torches in our hand, talking about everything and anything. Once we got there, we went to have something to eat and drink with our groups around the village. 

On arriving back, we went to our new romos and got ready for bed. It took us a while to get to sleep because we were feeling estatic about starting a new week. Here we go!!

We´ll keep you updated on how this last week goes, but don´t forget to  follow us on the following social media sites: (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). Moreover, you can look at all the pictures we take through the área de clientes.

Bye for now, but see you tomorrow!!