Hello families,

Welcome to the blog of our new term, 15T40! On this blog we will be posting daily updates on the status on our stage and on our daily activities.

We started the day with the check-in and all the kids arrived in a timely manner. Fortunately it all went very smoothly, and we were quickly enjoying a snack with the parents and monitors. Later in the day, just as the parents left, the students took the first English level test!! It seems they all passed with flying colours, and are very happy about the class assignations.

Just before supper students had their First meetings with their monitors, in which they took the time for full presentations, activities, and rejoining old friends. After two days with an empty house, we were so happy see it full of life and joy!

After dinner he had a very pleasant surprise, Froggy came to life in font of us urging us to have fun and learn as much as possible! He invited all of us to the party! Mysteriously all the monitors had transformed into all of the jungle animals. But where is Tarzan? He appeared with Jane and got all the camp dancing and fired up!! What a fantastic party!

Welcome to 4T, where the magic of the summer will come together with the beauty of learning!

Hugs and Kisses from your kids!

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