Hello Hello Dear Parents!

Yesterday we had our second day at camp, and after settling into the rhythm, everything is running great! New activities were introduced and the English classes formed their final groups.

Yesterday we had a special visit, the video and photo guys! They filmed throughout the day and took many pictures of your beautiful kids!

After the assessment exam and a couple of lessons English groups are pretty much done. Some students requested changes, and most of them got what they wanted. Now we have 13 solid English classes and 1 Spanish class.

In the afternoon two new activities were introduced, the pool and the Olympic Games, as well as the tennis classes for the tennis students. Whilst most of us were in the pool having loads of fun and splashing about, the tennis students drove down to the local club to have their first meeting with the trainer, and got straight to working on their skills.

After having a short break and a snack, the Olympic Games began. Everybody was looking forward to this moment, they were the first official sports matches of the term!!! All the teams played fairly, so we all enjoyed our afternoon and cheered really loud. Competition is flowing in the air!

Once supper was done, the house was overrun by Pirates and Polynesians!!! The children were all very excited to watch the Polynesian girls dancing and Polynesian guys perform their rituals! Oh but what happened? Suddenly Polynesia was attacked by Pirates! The captain of Pirates wanted to conquer Polynesia and start a fight with the Chief of Polynesians!!! But after a short battle, they decided it was better to have peace and party together. To celebrate, each room performed a dance, and then everybody joined in to dance to the Polynesian rhythms.

So let’s continue the term in this festive and happy mood filled with dancing and games!

The games have begun, let the best team win!!!