Good morning! We are glad to announce that the sun is finally shinning from early morning so our mood is extremely good right now.

First of all we would like to tell you the English levels:
– From class 1 to 5 is level «Starters»
– From class 6 to 7 is level «Movers»
– From class 8 to 9 is level «Flyers»
– From class 10 to 11 is level «KET»
– From class 12 to 13 is level «PET»
– Class 14 is between  levels «PET» and «FCE»
– Class 15 is level «FCE»


On the other hand, talking about yesterday, it was an special day, because the official camera came to visit us and film every activity the kids do during the day. All of you, parents, will be able to get this video at the end of the term, during the check-out.
Even the rain didn’t let us do neither the Froggy Games nor the Olympics, we had an incredible time preparing a huge Flashmob with all our children and the famous song of Palance. We used all our costumes and record a funny video with the collaboration of our cameraman. You will find it soon in our social media.

Las clases se desarrollaron con normalidad en los Campamentos de Inglés en Tamarit y los equipos pudieron empezar con el English Challenge (pequeños retos diarios de inglés por equipos) mientras los monitores convertían toda la casa en un auténtico escenario del clásico Grease. Los chicos se disfrazaron de T-Birds y Pink Ladies y pudieron pasar por la barbería de época a prepararse para el gran show.


Contamos con la increíble representación de 6 de nuestros alumnos para llevar a cabo el teatro de Sandy y Danny: Rebeca, Sara, Ia, Sergei, Cristian y Jaime. Además, dos parejas fueron los ganadores del concurso de baile y dos alumnos más se llevaron el diploma al mejor disfraz femenino y masculino.

Con el famoso baile de «Grease Lightning» dimos por cerrada la fiesta y volvimos a nuestro tiempo.


And what about today? We will have the first rotation of the Olympics and we will go to learn and practice kayak and padle surf. At night, we will receive two very different guests that will get into a complicated and funny story that will let them learn about the most characteristic British traditions.

Follow us tomorrow to know more about the sport activities and our characters. Remember you can also find photos and more information on our Flickr, Facebook and Twitter.