Good night parents! Today we have an special post about yesterday because it was made by your kids. They made it in our Social Media club where they felt like real journalists, choosing the photos and writing the post. So they talk about the Polynesian Party which was one of the best of all English Summer.

Samuel del Barrio: Yesterday it was a good party, we had really fun.

Aina Parra: We went to the sea garden to see a performance that our monitors prepared for us.

Adrià Isal: The story was about a soldier’s plane that crashed in a jungle. There he met a pretty woman that had been captured. At the same moment she felt in love with her.

Cristina Álvarez: Suddenly the soldier saw strangers who were in a polynesian tribe. They didn’t like him because she was a foreigner.

Veronika Beskaravaynaya: Furthermore, they needed to ask the spirits to find out if the soldier was a good man, which he was. Finally they got married and there was lots of dancing and celebrating with dances like limbo and palance.

Celia Nogueras: Then we danced and played games such as limbo and hen’s battles.


Este es el resumen que hicieron vuestros hijos al preguntarles sobre la fiesta de Polynesia en los campamentos de inglés. Además a parte de los clubs también realizaron otras actividades tales como Jungle Treck, Kayak o playa. Otro dato relevante del día de ayer es que hicieron el examen de inglés según el cual, depende del resultado, subirán o bajarán de nivel.

Para los padres que vienen a recoger a sus hijos este domingo 23 de agosto, encontraréis el material de la clase de inglés (incluido el resultado de dicho examen) en el folder de check-out que os entregarán los monitores.


Finally, we end up the day with a relaxing party based on the Oscar’s Awards, were the monitor gave some awards mainly to the boys and girls that will have to leave the camp this Sunday.
All kids saw a film during the party, that is why the theme had to be related to the world of cinema. Awards such as: “The comedy actor/actress” or “The most creative”.

One more day has gone this summer! Remember that you will be able to see the photos of Port Aventura, Costa Caribe and the ones who stayed at home.
In Flickr, Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you and see you tomorrow!