Good morning everyone! Today is the last complete day for some of the children in Tamarit because tomorrow we have again a check-out (finishing terms 15T50 and 15T52).

Yesterday we had a very intense day, from early morning everything was working for the Oscar’s Night. The kids were organising the tables and the couples and the monitors started to list their nominations for the different awards. The Sea Garden became step by step an enormous dinning room, with rounded tables and also a few little ones for VIP couples.
While this magic was gliding arount the house of Tamarit, the English classes worked as always.

In the afternoon we all went to the swimming pool and got ready for the Athletics. And what is that? Short competitions with the Olympic teams to measure the strength, speed, agility and coordination of each one. Of course all of them counted for the final punctuation given to the teams, which classification we will know the last day during the ceremony.


Los Athletics duraron un poco menos que los Olympics para que todos los chicos pudieran tener tiempo suficiente para preparase para la gran noche en los Campamentos de Inglés en Tamarit. Ésta abrió las puertas a un gran comedor al cual se accedía a través de una inmensa alfombra roja dónde las parejas se encontraban para llegar juntos al photocall. Una vez todos los chicos estuvieron sentados, los monitores y teachers pasaron a servir los aperitivos y la cena a base de picoteo. Cuando llegaron los postres, ya se respiraba la tensión y los nervios entre todos los participantes de este gran evento.

Empezaron las nominaciones entre aplausos y risas. Los niños recogían sus premios en el gran escenario y se convertían por unos minutos en las grandes estrellas de la noche.
Para cerrar la noche, tuvimos los premios especiales: Miss Tamarit 2015, otorgado a Rebeca Pérez y Mister Tamarit 2015, Jaime Villanueva.


On the other hand, today we are preparing the Love & Friends Night. As we have said, there are some kids that are leaving Tamarit after one or two weeks and until next summer. This day will be full of hapiness but also sadness, letters, hughs and love everywhere, of course.

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See you tomorrow, last day, last moments.