Good morning everyone!, ¡Buenos días a todos/as!

Yesterday, we started the last week of this fantastic term, but for some of the kids was the first day at English Summer Camp. ¡Había muchos nervios y emoción por parte de todos!

In first place, we had the check-in of the new students, where all the parents and the kids met their monitor. It was a pleasure for us having you all there!

Secondly, they had an exam for proving their level so the teachers can assign the students to the different classes. La prueba de nivel estuvo adaptada a los alumnos según la edad y el año que han cursado en el colegio.

After this, the Day Camp students left and the rest of the students went to do a meeting with their monitor and the rest of groupmates. They did a little presentation so they could know a little bit more about each other. Contaron un poco sobre ellos: nombre, edad, de dónde vienen, aficiones etc. The monitors told to their groups all the basic rules, showed the facilities of the camp and explained what were the activities like, for example: the World Championship that consists in playing padel, badminton, ping-pong or chess during the breaks and free-time for winning points for their teams.

Then, the kids ate a delicious dinner and at 21:45pm we did the presentations of all the staff of monitors, Mp’s and teachers.

For ending the night, we danced the different choreographies of the term and had so much fun!! Muchos de ellos ya se sabían los bailes, pero a los nuevos no les faltó motivación y ganas para aprenderlos.

It was a great first day of week, como seguramente lo será el resto de la semana!

Esta mañana hemos amanecido a las 8:00 y hemos ido a los Froggy Games, so we started the day with a lot of energy! After this, the kids ate breakfast and went to their new classes… they were very excited for meeting their teacher and classmates.

For continuing the day with energy we ate some fruit and some of them took chips or ice-cream from the bar. Y después… ¡a clase de nuevo a seguir aprendiendo!