Muy buenos días a todos!!

Yesterday, the meteorologic conditions weren’t very favorable, but that didn’t let us down. Fue un día de improvisación, adaptando las actividades en las zonas cubiertas. Los niños se adaptaron y siguieron el ritmo con entusiasmo.

In the morning, they had their english classes and ate a delicious lunch. By the time of the fourth hour of class, it started to rain a lot so the monitors prepared a variety of activities for the afternoon.

At 4pm we divided the kids by groups of monitor. The ones that are in the 1st and 2nd sitting did yoga in the carpa and the 3rd and 4th sitting played the game Taboo. At 5pm we did the changes so everyone could do both of the activities. In yoga they learned how to stretch and postures of equilibrium. The last 20 minutes were of meditation and relaxation…¡más de uno se quedó dormido! En el juego de Taboo, hicieron mímica y definiciones (in english of course), por lo que hubo mucha diversión y risas.

Después, hubo una deliciosa ensaimada y fruta como merienda…¡cómo nos gusta el dulce! And after this, we reunited all the kids by teams in the carpa and did the «Don’t panic game» that is a cooperative game were the kids have to draw, do mimics, say definitions or make sounds for wessing a word. They got points for cheering their team too. ¡Vaya gritos pegamos!

The Day Camp students left and the rest took a shower and got ready for the… DISCO PARTY!!! The thematic was: Black and White, so the kids had to wear something black or white. Fuimos todos a la carpa y con música muy animada comenzamos a bailar, ¡hasta tener dolor de pies! For the ones that don’t like dancing that much, they had tables outside with Mandala drawings and papers for doing paper planes. ¡Había opciones para todos!

For finishing the party we all danced the term’s dances, did a very fun limbo and then the music was over. Cansados, pero contentos, fuimos a las habitaciones y… Good night!!