Hello parents!!

As usually, the kids started the morning eating breakfast and going to their English classes. After having lunch, all the students put on the team t-shirt for taking a picture with their teams.

In the afternoon, the 1st and 4th sitting went to the swimming pool and then did clubs. The 2nd and 3rd sitting went to the beach… ¡cómo nos gusta refrescarnos en el agua!

At 6pm the students ate a snack for taking energy for the Olympics. They always have so much fun! ¡¡Los gritos de animación se escuchaban por todo el campamento!!


After shower time, the kids ate a fantastic dinner by sittings as always and then we started the… ANIMALIST POLYNESIAN PARTY!!

The monitors represented a theatre. In first place, we saw all the polynesians, who were doing their duties and interacting with the animals. El pueblo polinesio y los animales convivían en paz y armonía en un poblado de la selva. But the peace was over becuase… a group of hunters appeared looking for exotic animals!! They took all the animals and left the jungle sad and empty of life. The polynesians were so confused that the only thing they could do was asking the gods for help and give them the power and energy that they needed for bringing back all the animals.


For invoking the Gods, the kids had to help the polynesians to bring the magic powders. Unos polvos mágicos que ayudaban a recibir la energía y fuerza que les pedían a los dioses. All the students went to different stants and played cooperative challenges by teams in order to get the magic powders.

At the end, all the teams got them and helped the polynesians to invoke the gods, asking for help. They recieved all the energy of the gods and could bring back all the animals. The hunters were so scared that left the jungle forever. For celebrate it, we danced all together the favorite songs of the term. ¡Qué bien lo pasaron todos!

Mañana más, y mejor! Si se puede ;)