Greetings from sunny Vallclara!

Yesterday we opened our arms to students from all corners of the globe! This year we enthusiastically welcome students from Ghana, Russia and all parts of Spain!

Check-ins ran from 4-7 pm, when parents and students had the opportunity to meet their monitors for the term. It was not soon after the students bid their parents farewell, that they said hello to some newly formed friends.

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To best accommodate the students’ unique needs, we held a placement assessment to determine the appropriate level of instruction for each student. After the assessment, students were reunited with their monitors and participated in team building games to introduce themselves and better know one another. During this time, student chose the clubs that they would later participate in during the term. English Summer provides a diverse range of clubs for students of various interests, such clubs include: cooking, hand crafts, scenic arts, nature, circus and jewellery. Students also had the opportunity to choose the sport/activity that they would play during the English Summer  Vallclara World Championship, which includes tennis, football, ping pong or chess.

By the time it was 9 o’clock in the evening, everyone had shared many laughs but had also worked up a healthy appetite. This year, we had a large number of students and each student learned the value of sharing by taking turns to enjoy dinner. Dinner proceeded in four sittings, where the youngest students ate first and the oldest students ate last.

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To wrap up a fantastic start to English Summer 2015, the students were invited to The Welcome Party! The party started with a brief explanation from the directive team of the main rules of English Summer. As is with every year, the golden rule of English Summer was be respectful – to yourself, to each other and to the school! To close the presentation, we had a special appearance from English Summer’s local celebrity – Froggy! Froggy was given a very warm welcome by the excited campers as he hopped around on stage! The presentation was followed by more fun team building games for the students to loosen up and get comfortable with each other. After a very long day, everyone was tired and headed to sleep with new memories shared and new friendships made.

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