Good afternoon from beautiful Vallclara!

Yesterday we had a day jam packed with fun! Day 3 progressed in the usual structure, with the daily morning exercises, three English classes and three delicious meals. Following a much-needed visit to the community pool, the various Olympic teams, the Bears, Bees, Geese, Foxes, Dolphins, Eagles, Snakes and Turtles, competed in their first sport games against one another. All the teams played hard but fairly, showing great sportsmanship and camp spirit. However, after an hour of competition, the Foxes came out on top with the most number of points!

DSC00281 DSC00287  DSC00291 DSC00298

After dinner, we had the long awaited first dance party of English Summer Vallclara 2015! Inspired by the imagination and creativity of the students in Vallclara, the Tomorrowland dance party had a wonderland theme with decorations of fantastical beasts and magical beings. Just as the Tomorrowland party began at 10:00 PM, there suddenly appeared mystical fairies and even fairy Froggy! Throughout the party, the students danced the night away without missing a beat! As the final song, “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa played, the students all joined hands and said good bye to each other for the night.

DSC00317  DSC00325       DSC00342 DSC00344


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