Hello from citizens of Rome!

In tribute to the once powerful Roman empire, the English Summer Vallclara campers dressed as Roman citizens with colourful headbands and sashes. These little Romans continued to compete in the Vallclara Olympic Games, which interesting was also invented by the Romans! After an hour of stiff competition, the Geese team is now the top standing team with the highest number of points.

DSC00425 DSC00353

In the evening, the students were spectators to a play featuring Asterix and Obelix, characters from the popular French comic written by Rene Goscinny. In the play, Panoramix was taken by the Romans and the students needed to collect ingredients to make a potion that would give Obelix strength to defeat the Romans.

DSC00438 DSC00407

In their Olympic teams, the students completed each station to obtain the ingredients and in the final act, the students had successfully helped to make the potion. In celebration the victory of Asterix and Obelix, the students and all the characters of the play danced in celebration.

DSC00458 DSC00432


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