Hello from future graduates of Vallclara University!

Yesterday the students had a blast at the Vallclara University Prom night! After a fun day of English classes, swimming and club activities, the students dressed in their finest clothes to attend their Vallclara Prom!

DSC00566 DSC00539

Prom is a formal occasion common in English speaking countries. It is a night where future graduates of an academic institution dress look their best and enjoy a fun night together with their friends before they bid each other farewell at graduation. Yesterday, English Summer Vallclara celebrated a phenomenal week with the students in the 15V11 term, who will be checking-out this Sunday. The gentlemen looked dashing in their pressed dress shirts and the ladies looked stunning in their beautiful and colourful dresses. The students at the Vallclara Prom were able to experience all the unique yet fundamental aspects of an American Prom night, including wristbands (where students were able to write messages to one another), juice pong and a prom night awards.

DSC00542 DSC00559

Three awards were given yesterday night. The first were the “Party Rocker” awards, which were given to the male and female students who is the liveliest during parties! There were many nominees for this award but ultimately Jana Mardí and Guillom Galofré won! Next was the “Day Dreamer” awards, these awards is given to the students who were always lost in their own thoughts and “marched to the beat of their own drums”. The winners of the “Day Dreamer” awards were Natalia Fuentes and Javier Pelmado! The third award given was the “Soul of the Campus” awards, given to the students who embodied what it meant to be an English Summer Vallclara camper. These celebrated awards are given to the male and female students who have been kind, helpful and overall respectful to everyone at the camp throughout the 15V11 term. These awards went to Blanca Romero and Teo Milán! Finally, the most prestigious awards were the Cum Laude award.  The Latin phrase cum laude means “with praise” and is given to the male and female students who have achieved academic success and have modeled the values of English Summer Vallclara. The winners of the Cum Laude award are… Marta Tarrús and Pau Aranda! Congratulations to all the winners, it has been a fantastic week of fun and we wish all the 15V11 students a phenomenal reminder of their summer!

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