Today has been a very special day for all the finalists of Vallcalara’s World Championship. So many players and just one award for each category! And the winners are… In chess the fantastic Pau Olivé, in badminton (male and female) the incredibles Teo Milán and Jana Martí, in table-tennis (male and female) the enthusiastic Pau Aranda and Claudia Sobreroca and in tennis (male and female) Joan Vela and Blanca Romero, good job guys!

But this is not all! As every day we have played with our teams football, basketball, volleyball and baseball. Too much work for just one day, thus the party tonight has been Cinemax! Vallclara has become a cinema full of popcorn and juices. All the kids have really enjoyed the Dreamworks’ film Home. Tomorrow will be an exhausting day, we are going to the beach!

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