Good morning Vallclara!

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so it is easier to remember our friends with a picture, thus today we have had Photo Day!

After English classes, swimming pool and Olympics we have come back to the past. In a Rock & Roll atmosphere we have had dinner outside, Rosa’s hamburguers are the best! But this is not all, Sandy, the Pink Ladies, Dany Suko and the T-Birds have visited us. We have had an exciting night with a dancing contest and some awards: the best Rock & Roll dancing junior pair are Hugo Solsona and Maria Maestre, the best Rock & Roll dancing senior pair are Pablo Martín and Mar Vallès , the best Rock & Roll gentleman dress up is Ton Puertas and the best Rock & Roll lady dress up is Blau Terés. All the kids have played mini-golf, sack races, bouncy castle and bowling.

DSC01246      DSC01391

DSC01256      19546340015_1d01cf4226_o

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