Hello everyone!

Today are the last English classes before the weekly exam (Friday), we have been to the swimming pool and then as every Thursday instead of Olympics we have had Clubs. These are fun and different activities which strengthen our children abilities. There are three possible choices: handcrafts and cooking, nature and scenic arts.

In handcrafts they have done clay figures, in cooking they have made two chocolate cakes, a yogurt cake and nutella biscuits, they were delicious! The ones that have chosen nature, they have done an orienteering race in Vallclara with compasses and maps. We have been very lucky! In scenic arts our kids have done human towers and now they are almost professional «castellers».

nature cooking






handcrafts human-towers






Magic colour is a tipical party in English Summer Vallclara, the children have to wear white clothes and we give them fluor bracelets that with the ultraviolet light shine in the darkness. We have danced on the platform by monitor groups and then we have had a dance contest between male and female monitors and teachers. Unluckily for the monitors, the teachers have won. Good job!!

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