Happy birthday Victoria, Maria and Alejandra!

Today we have had the opportunity to celebrate three birthdays, these three amazing girls have received a froggy-card and some sweets. We hope you have enjoyed the day and have had as much fun as possible.


 After a busy morning of English classes, our children have shown what they have learned during this week in an exam. On Monday we will know the results, good luck guys!


 It is time for teachers’ party, tonight they have been the ones that organised the party. It was the baptism of the daughter of the Prince William and Princess Catherine, Charlotte. The Spice Girls performed for the little baby girl but unfortunatelly one of them was kidnapped by Mr Bean. The game was a treasure hunt, which consisted in gaining eight golden stars to save the Spice Girl. They finally find her and it was time to go to sleep, tomorrow we are going to Port Aventura and Costa Caribe!


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