Good morning!

Today we have woken up at 7:30, some of us have been to Port Aventura, others to Costa Caribe and just a few have stayed in Vallclara.

In Port Aventura we have met some of our English Summer friends from Prades and Tamarit. We have divided our children in different groups by age, this has allowed us to go on more rides. The youngest have been to Sesamo Aventura and the oldest to the most scary rides such as Shambhala, Dragon Khan, Furius Baco or Hurakan Condor. After lunch all of us have been to the theatre to relax.


In Costa Caribe we have had so much fun in the water slides and the wave pool. We have spent the whole day in the water and has been amazing!


The six students that have stayed here have done many activities, they have watched a film, done a water balloon fight, made some bracelets and been to the swimming pool. They have also painted a poster to welcome their friends and played a match students Vs. Mp.

















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