And the Oscar goes to…

After a tiring day full of English classes and Olympics it is time for party! Tonight is the most expected party for our students. They have had one week to choose a partner to go with. All of them have dressed up with their smarter clothes, the girls have worn their nicest dresses and the boys their coolest shirts.

There are many different prizes and each one has their nominees and winner. The Oscar for the Female sleepy-head goes to Adriana Balaña and in the male category to Alfonso Morales! Beatriz González and Miquel Martí are the politest of this term. The prize for the best eyes male and female goes to Paul Labenski and Laia Cantarell and for the best smile to Cristina Pérez-Seoane and Juan Baquerizo. Carla Solsona and Victoria Ballester are the Zipe-Zape girls and Nilo Bonilla and Joaquin Grau the Zipe-Zape boys. The latin lovers of this 1V are Gemma Bassó and Mateu Graell. Inés Martínez is the female Earthquake and Alvaro Morales the male Energizer bunny. The nicest students are Ivet Parera and Jordi Gratacós. The Oscar for the best style male and female goes to Clara Coll and Daniel Álvarez. The best hair is Andreas Pons and the cuddliest are Lucía García and Adrian Thoenig. Alejandro Sota and Lucía Goyoaga are the coolest male and female. The prize for the party animal goes to Marina Fernández and Pablo Martín and Caterina Viñas has won Project 2016. Finally Mister and Miss Vallclara are Ton Puertas and Mireia Solsona. All of you are awesome!

The oldest of the term have also given Oscars to the monitors and teachers. Thank you very much!

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