Good morning Vallclara!

As every day we have had four hours of English classes and then it comes the expected moment of the day, we go to the swimming pool. Today it has not been a normal swimming pool day, there has been swimming competitions. All our students have swum and the team with the lowest average mark is the winner, but we can not tell you yet, it is a surprise! After having a snack we have done Olympics with our team, the kids really enjoy doing sports.

swim      race

Bollywood party has been incredible! The monitors dressed up like indians have shown to the children some dances and later they have been able to enjoy some different typical Indian activities such as taking a cup of tea, having a professional yoga class, painting Bandalas or making up as Indian people. Others have prefered to stay inside the disco and danced all night. After that all of them have written an inscription in a poster.

yoga      poster












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