Hello everyone!

Yesterday we welcomed our students to the second term of English Summer in Vallclara.

Check-ins started at 4 pm, and parents and students all met the monitors, MPs and house in general. While doing so, different games and activities were set up for them.

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After the check-in, we all had a little snack before the English level test.

Teachers accompanied every student to their classrooms, and gave the tests so later they could assign them to the appropriate class according to their level.

Once they had all finished their tests, our director, Pau, revised the rules for the house and the term in front of the students, who listened attentively. Then, students went with their monitors, and had the chance to introduce themselves, get to know each other better and choose what clubs and what World Championship tournaments they want to participate during the term. English Summer offers a diverse range of clubs, which include activities such as cooking, dancing, painting, handcrafts, orientation races and music groups. The World Championship, in turn, is composed of different tournaments in chess, badminton, ping-pong and tennis.

Once we knew each other a little better, we had dinner. Here in English Summer, we have all of our meals in English, so neither Spanish nor Catalan are allowed in the dining room.

In the evening, after brushing our teeth, we had our first party together: the Welcome Party! During te whole party we danced a lot and we got to meet Froggy and a representant of each party we are going to have during the term.

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After the party we went to sleep to recover some strenght for the exciting days to come. We are going to have so much fun!

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