Good morning Vallclara!

Yesterday our students started the week with us here in Vallclara.

In the morning, we all woke up and did some exercise before having breakfast and going to class. All students started their lessons with their teachers after having been assigned to their classes according to Sunday’s level tests results. Everyone had a really good time in class and also had the chance to take a break and drink or eat something from the bar.

Once the lessons were finished, we enjoyed the delicious lunch the cooks had prepared for us: cannelloni and chicken.

From 3 to 4 pm, our students went back to class to play some games in English wit the teachers. After that, we all put on our swimming suits and headed to the swimming pool, the weather was great!

Back in the house, students were divided into their sport teams and had the opportunity to meet their teammates a little better, as well as to compose the anthem for their team.

After a refreshing shower and another delicious meal we enjoyed the “Vallclara All Star” party. During the evening, we welcomed our team mascots and were cheered up by our group of cheerleaders, they had so much energy!

The party basically consisted of a competition between the sports teams in order to gain some points for the Olympics. Bears, Eagles, Bees and Snakes all run an obstacles race, danced with the cheerleaders and showed everyone their anthems.


IMG_5344 IMG_5345

After the great final, the Bees won the competition. Congratulations Bees!

Once the party was over, we were all extremely tired and went to bed. It was such a fun day!

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