Good morning everyone!

Yesterday was a great day.

As always, we started off in the morning playing some Froggy Games before having breakfast and heading to class.


Then, before the bell rang to anounce the break, our monitors surprised our student Laura, whose birthday was yesterday, with some live music, sweets and a big Happy Birthday card. She was thrilled to hear the whole school singing «Happy Birthday» to her.


Back to class, English lessons went really well, and once they finished we had lunch.

Although it rained a little, we could complete our afternoon English activities and go to the swimming pool to refresh ourselves.

When we got back to the house, we had a snack and played football, basketball, baseball and volleyball for the Olympics. Right now it looks like te Snakes are winning… but there are still a lot of matches to be played and positions can change a lot in a few days!

After these important matches,  we all had a shower and prepared for last night’s party: Bollywood!

During the party, both teachers and monitors showed us some new coreographies that they had prepared specifically for the party. Besides, they all dressed up as Bollywood girls, fakirs, and even a snake and a Buddah!

The party was structured in different activities spread around the house. These activities included: henna body painting, yoga, belly dancing, blind face painting and a photocall.

 IMG_5519  IMG_5596   IMG_5501  IMG_5525

All in all, we had lots of fun together, and we are very excited for the rest of days and parties to come.

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