Good morning everyone!

Yesterday we had a very special day here in Vallclara: it was Rock and Roll day. Besides, we had the pictures and video of the term taken.

Our morning went as usual, except that during the break, we all went to take the group photo of the term and the one with each monitor’s group.

Once we had finished both morning and afternoon lessons, we put on our swimming suits and bikinis, took our towels and headed to the swimming pool to refresh ourselves and enjoy the wonderful weather.

Having come back from the pool, we played the two Olympic Games matches of the day. So far, the Snakes and the Bees seem to be in a tie. We’ll see how this ends…

Last night’s party was a little bit different from the ones we have enjoyed these last days, as we had dinner outside in the garden instead of the dining room. We ate hamburguers and chips just like true americans!


The Rock and Roll party was fundamentally based on the film «Grease», which starts Sandy and Danny Zuko, who were played by our monitors Oriol and Alba.

During the party, monitors and teachers danced to some key songs from the movie, and then, after students had finished their dinner, the children started participating more actively in the party: we had a dancing in pairs contest, a caracterization contest and three more activities spreaded around the house (mini golf, inflatables and bowling).

IMG_5729  IMG_5692 IMG_5712  IMG_5722 IMG_5723  IMG_5725

Congratulations to the winners of the contests, you danced like professionals and look like genuine Pink Ladies and T-Birds!

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