Good morning from Vallclara!

Yesterday, some pirates arrived to the house to ask or help, it was Real Movie night! They got to Vallclara during the morning, inbetween English lessons, and accompanied us during the whole day: we had lunch together, enjoyed the afternoon break with them, and even went to the pool.


With the company of the frightful pirates of BrightValley’s Island, the day went as usual: morning lessons, afternoon English activities, Olympic rotations, showers and dinner.


During the party, the pirates told us that someone had stolen the treasure that they had stolen from a king in the first place. We watched a movie of how it all happened, and then the pirates told us that they had come to Vallclara to ask if our students could help them recover the treasure box and find out who the thief was.

IMG_6156  IMG_6155

In order to do this, the students, divided into Olympic teams and completed a gymkhana. In every stage of the game, the teams could win clues about the identity of the thief. In the final activity of the gymkhana, each team got a piece of the treasure map, which they brought to the video room. All four teams, working together, assembled the map and went to look for the treasure box. Once they had brought it to the stage, each team tried to guess, according to the clues, who the thief was. They all got it right! When we opened the box, we saw it was full of parrot food, and the only character who had a parrot was the deaf-mute pirate, so he was the thief!

IMG_6209  IMG_6222IMG_6211

When the mystery was solved, we all danced to some music and went to sleep because we were really tired.

Such a great day!

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