Good evening everyone!

Today we woke up earlier than usual to go to Port Aventura and Costa Caribe, we will keep you informed about it!

About yesterday, we had a really good day, even though it rained. In the morning, students did a little revision of what they had done in class tis week and, after the break, they did the exam. It looks like generally it went quite good. Our students ave been working really hard!

Yesterday’s afternoon was also a bit different: instead of competing in the Olympics we had clubs. Clubs are different thematic activities that we do divided into groups. Each student can choose amongst four of them:

In the first one, dancing club, students learned and practiced some coreographies that the monitors had been preparing. In the second one, the children made balls to do some juggling. In the arts clubs, students made some snowflakes and Christmas decorations for the Christmas party we are having on Tuesday and, finally, in the music club, our monitors taught the students ow to play the guitar.


IMG_6290  IMG_6319


After such an entertaining afternoon, we all took a shower and had dinner.

Last night, teachers were te ones to prepare the party, and that’s why we had the British party. During the evening, we were visited by celebrities like the British Royal family, The Beatles and, of course, Froggy.

The party consisted of various team activities placed all over the house. Such a fun night!

IMG_6429  IMG_6439

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