Good morning! Now that we’ve started the week, we can tell how much fun we’ve had this weekend.

After going to Port Aventura on Saturday, Sunday was a bit more relaxed. We woke up a little bit later, and some of our students went to mass in the village. Meanwhile, the other students tidied their rooms, changed their blankets and prepared themselves for the room inspection.

Once all the rooms were tidy, we had a little break, and then, we started the Athletics. Athletics are a group of sport tests like javelin, velocity, triple jump, weights, etc., that help Olympic teams win points for the competition.

After lunch, some of our students went to do the activities of sailing and football. In the meantime, the students who stayed in the house watched a film, Minions, and did a «Monitors versus Students» sports competition.

image5  IMG_6562

In the evening, once everyone was back in the house, showered and having had dinner, we had Game’s night: We all played the game of the macarroni all around the house. It was a fun night all together before starting the week again! We’ll keep you informed about it.

IMG_6641  IMG_6666

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