Hello everyone!

Today we’ve waken up after a very special night here in Vallclara: the Oscars night.

Yesterday started as always: breakfast, English lessons, a small break and more lessons until lunch time. After that, we did the extra English activity we have every afternoon, and then we went to the swimming pool.

Once we were back, we had a snack and played some matches for the Olympics. Right after that, we all went to take a shower and prepare for the big night ahead.

In this party, students always dress up elegantly and arrive in pairs. Every couple takes a piture in front of our Oscar statue and then they all eat together.

IMG_6824 IMG_6819

After dinner, monitors presented all the different awards they had prepared for students. Awards were divided into categories like «The Politest», «The Funniest», etc.


Last night was also special because the oldest students from the house prepared different Oscars as well, this time for the monitors, teachers and MP’s. They were all so happy to receive them!

IMG_7097 IMG_7085

As a whole, everyone looked amazingly smart, and it all ended up really well.

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