Good morning everyone!

Yesterday it was Christmas here in Vallclara!

The day went as usual: we started off with a complete breakfast and then headed to the classrooms for some English lessons. After having lunch and doing our daily English activity with the teachers, we changed and went to the pool. Yesterday we had a swimming competition! All teams competed with each other and had really good results.


Having finished the competition and played in the pool for some time, we went back to the house and did Club activities.

This time, one of the groups prepared a sponge cake, another did some clay figures and another practiced the term song playing different instruments and singing. Last but not least, the orientation club did a race around the village of Vallclara.

IMG_7160  IMG_7100 IMG_7137  IMG_7142 IMG_7151

Once we had finished the Clubs and had had a shower, we prepared ourselves for the Christmas and New Year’s Eve party.

For the party, there was a huge Christmas tree in the garden, and almost all of our party went around it: we danced, we sang Christmas carols, we celebrated the new year and we met Santa Claus and all his partners. Even Froggy came!

IMG_7290  IMG_7311

All in all, we had a very special night here in the house, and everyone had a great time.

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