Good morning from Vallclara!

We have less than two days left, but here we are still enjoying our term to the maximum.

Yesterday went as usual: breakfast with the monitors, English lessons and a delicious lunch. However, during the breaks, we did something extremely fun, we played zorbing! Zorbing is an activity where people get inside an inflatable ball and roll and bump into each other without getting hurt.

IMG_7430 IMG_7396 IMG_7364

Once we had had lunch, students did their daily English activity with the teachers, and after that we went to the swimming pool.

IMG_7566 IMG_7556

When we got back, we had a sandwhich for a snack and then changed into sports clothes to participate in two more Olympic matches.

During the day, some semifinals and finals of the World Championship were played, but we can’t announce the winners yet!

Later in the evening, when we had already had a shower and eaten dinner, we went to the Surf Party that was prepared down in the garden.

In the party, we were welcomed by a group of Hawaiians and surfers, and then we received the visit of SpongeBob and his friends Gary the snail, Patrick the Starfish, Mr. Krabs and Squidward Tentacles. During the party, the Hawaiians gave us fruit juices brought from their island, and also showed us some of their coreographies.


All in all, it was a fun night and a great day.

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By the way, yesterday we posted a video on our Youtube and Facebook of everyone singing around the Christmas tree. You cannot miss it!