Hello everyone and welcome to the blog of English Summer Vallclara!

Yesterday we welcomed the students to the first term of English Summer in Vallclara. At 4pm started the check-ins, where the students had the opportunity to talk with their monitor for the first time. It was a great moment for meeting new students and say hello once more to returing students.


At 7pm all the kids said goodbye to their parents and went to the classrooms to do their level exam, which defines the English level of each student. When they finished, the monitors reunited with their grups to do the presentations between roommates, explain some school’s rules and choose the World Championship they want to play.

During dinner, we had the first opportunity to taste the wonderful Vallclara’s food. Afterwards, the most expected time of the day arrived: Welcome to Froggyland party! The students where divided into four groups and everyone had to play four different icebreaking games, so they could know their mates much better. After finishing all the games, each group was given a letter and all the letters formed the word: FROGGY! The students shouted it out loud and the doors of Froggyland opened. During the party, we danced a lot and got to meet the rest of the monitors, teachers and the directive team.


After such a great party, the students went to sleep to recharge the battery for the next day!

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