Good morning from Vallclara University!

At the end of this week, some students are finishing their term, so we had a graduation party and photos day, which means that we had to dress up in our best clothes.

The day progressed in the normal schedule with the last English classes before Friday’s exam, swimming pool and Olympics. Bears are heading the sports competition by now, but Eagles are doing their best with the English Challenge. Whatsmore, Bears won yesterday’s fair play points, for cheering and motivate their team during all the match.

Pool niñas

We didn’t have clubs so the students could have more time to dress up smartly. At half past eight, the students had dinner in the garden. First, they sat down in tables organised as they wanted,  the monitors served some punch and we cheered all together. Then, we ate a delicious pizza, chicken wings and fries meal, with ice cream for dessert.

After having dinner, all the students were asked to come in front of the photocall with their monitor’s group to officially graduate by receiving their graduation cap. With all the caps on, we also gave some awards to the students leaving at the end of this week. Mar Torruella won the party rocker award, the kids with the best smile were Paula Sanchez and Marc Soler, Laia Xin Mercade was the quarterback of the term and Pau Soler was recognised for the best personality. Moreover, the miss and mister graduation of the night were … Julia Dorca and Jorge Lagunas!

Photocall Ponche

With all the presents given to the students, we started the party with some dances and even a «conga»!

At the end, we went to sleep after such a wonderful night!

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