Good morning and welcome to a new term!

We are starting a new week, but yesterday was the first day for V12 students.

Before having breakfast, we played some froggy games to move a little bit our bodies and wake up.

At 10 o’clock, Vallclara’s studies director, Anna Grattan, with all the teachers, reunited the students in the basketball court to tell them the class they were in. The new students were placed according to their marks in the placement exam and the V10 students were replaced  depending on Friday’s exam marks.


After having lunch, the students did an hour of outdoor activities in English with their teachers and then, we didn’t go to the swimming pool as it was a bit cloudy. Instead, the students reunited with their teams to meet the new mates and show them the anthem. Also, we created some costumes for the party based on their team.

When the sun came out, we went to the swimming pool to refresh ourselves before the olympics. After the snack, the V12 students played their first matches with their new teammates, who were very happy to have such good players!


At night, after having dinner, the students dressed up with their handmade costumes and prepared for the Rio Carnival party! The teams attended to the Opening Ceremony of the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, where they received Neymar’s visit, who explained all the rules of the Olympics. Then, each team stepped up to the stage to make a performance and sing their anthem. Also, we could taste some caipirinhas, play football mini-matches and dance a lot! That was such a big celebration!

At the end, we all went to bed with the rhythm of the samba.


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