Good morning!

Yesterday was the first exam for those students from V11 and the second one for the V12 students. They all were a little bit nervous, but not worried as they had studied and worked a lot.

During the morning they reviewed this week’s lessons and at 3 o’clock the students did the exam with their teachers. All of them said that the exam went well, so we will know the marks on Monday.

Although it was raining during the exam hour, it stopped at 4, so we could go to the swimming pool as every day. They were very happy!break

Yesterday we didn’t do clubs, but we used that hour to practise the performances of Sunday’s Talent Show. All the students are creating awesome dances, plays and songs, they are really looking forward to doing it!

After the Olympic games, we had a delicious dinner to recharge energies. At night, we divided into two teams ( the rebels and the squad) to play the «capture the flag» game. The rebels won the games in both categories, junior and senior. At the end pf the night we learnt that money is powerful but never as much as fighting all togehter fpr a good cause. We finished the game a bit earlier as the directive team had to explain some things about our visit to Port Aventura. However, we had a lot of fun.


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