Good morning everyone!

Tonight we have slept through the night because yesterday we arrived really tired from our visit to Costa Caribe and Port Aventura.

The students going to Port Aventura spent their day going on the different rides. When it was hot, they refreshed in rides like Silver River or Tutuki and the bravest students went to the most thrilling rides like Shambala or Dragon Khan.

On the other side, some students went to Costa Caribe. They had a wonderful day swimming and having fun while going on the different slides of the aquatic park.

CostaC  heelys

Even the twelve students who stayed at home had a lot of fun. They did a water balloon battle, made cookies and handcrafts. They could enjoy their lunch in the garden and they could relax and rest while watching a movie.

At night, the other students arrived and we had a barbecue dinner all together in the garden. It was delicious!


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