Good morning dear readers!

Yesterday we said goodbye to the second week of the term with a completely different day.

We had an outdoor breakfast with our monitors. We enjoyed the sun and the lovely weather in Vallclara.

Then, we tidied up our rooms and changed the sheets, because the directive team was doing the room inspection. But don’t worry, all the students passed the inspection with good marks. Some students went to mass, while the others had some rest in their bedrooms.

At twelve, the Olympic teams participated in the athletics competition, where each one practiced their speed, ability, strength, etc. The winners were… the Geese!!!

After having lunch, we rested in our bedrooms and then, we had a wonderful time in the swimming pool.

When we came back from the pool, we had a lot of time to prepare the shows for the Talent Show. All the students were very excited to see what the other students prepared.

The show began after having a delicious dinner. The garden became the English Got Talent stage, where we could see different performances: from dance shows to theatre plays and even singing duets and solos. All of them were very brave to go up on the stage and show what they know in front of the rest of the students.

We laughed, smiled and even cried out of happiness with the performances. Now we can say that Vallclara has a lot of talent!


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