Good morning from Vallclarua!

Yesterday Vallclara turned into the Polynesian Vallclarua town!

During the day, photos and video were taken, so all the students got dressed up. The day progressed as usual, as we want to show the parents what we do in our daily routine.

During snack time, the group pictures were taken, so each student could have a good memory of their monitors and roommates.

In the swimming pool was time for team pictures. Also, they played in the water with the waterproof camera, but the best part was when all the students took a photo while jumping in the water, all at the same time.

We did Get Creative clubs. We made some handcrafts, music and circus, it was really good and they enjoyed a lot this hour. The last Olympic games matches are being played, so all the teams are doing their best to win the last points for the final classification.



After having taken a good shower, the students were invited to have dinner in Vallclarua! They passed through a bridge to enter in this Polynesian town. For dinner, we had some tropical pasta and meat bites, accompanied by some juice. After having dinner, we started the Vallclarua’s games. The students could learn how to dance Hula or the typical Haka. Also they made fruit bites, played the totem game or passed through the limbo.

It was a fantastic visit to our Polynesian friends, where the students learned a lot about their culture. We went to sleep with a big smile in our faces for such a fantastic night.

Fruit Polinesia

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