Good morning from sunny but windy Vallclara!

Yesterday the day progressed as usual. The students had the last English classes before the final exam on Thursday. We went to the swimming pool and did clubs. Yesterday were Get Active, with the slackline, the games around the world or the big games.

According to sports, the Olympic final classification is each time more defined. However, the students are still giving their best to end in the best position. Also, the World Championship semifinals are being played, which gives points to the Olympics too, so all the students are going to cheer their teammates matches!

At night, the director, Pau, punished the students without party, because the school is very messy and dirty. They were all really sad and went directly to their bedrooms to sleep. But once there, they found a SOS note from a Dolphin and a Fox, who were kidnaped by someone. The students went to the snack tables, where they found the hostages. To know who kidnap them, the different Olympic teams had to go through different parts of the house, solving problems and challenges in order to get more clues.

At the end, Eagles guessed that the kidnappers were the Snakes, as they were giving a false clue to distract the teams. Finally, we could free the Dolphin and the Fox!Olympics WhatsApp-Image-20160713

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