Good morning mums and dads!!!! Yesterday was THE DAY that all students have been waiting for! The Froggy Awards!

The day went as usual in Vallclara: class, lunch, clubs, pool and olympics. During the swimming pool we had a swimming competition in order to win more points for their teams.


In the afternoon all the students put on their best clothes. They were called by pairs and accompaigned by the monitors to the elegant table, after posing for the professional picture! The monitors were the waiters and served the dishes. We had an special dinner, pizza, happy potatoes and ice cream… everything were so delicious!!

When the dinner was over, the Froggy Awards had started! We had different types of awards like the nicests, the most responsible and of course we nominated mister and misses Vallclara 2016. In each cathegory we had many nomenees but only one winner…

The oldest students prepared some oscar’s for their monitors, teachers and MP’S. We really enjoyed and spent an amazing time!!!!

We are having lots of fun and really enjoying the camp!

See you tomorrow!

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