Good morning parents!

Finally, the day arrived yesterday in our house… Rock and roll  is probably the best and most characteristic party of English Summer and, of course, one of those that students remember for all their lifes! The party begun at dinner time when monitors and MPs performed a scene of the Grease film and invited all the kids to dance with them… Danny and Sandy were so well-dressed! Then we had an American dinner with hamburgers, kids could choose to add cheese, onion, salad, tomato and ketchup to it. While eating in the garden the last couples for the dancing contest were made… Rock and roll was played all over Vallclara and kids shew everybody their dancing skills and their twist! During the dance contest the judges went through the dancers and only the best stayed dancing until the end of the contest. Meanwhile, students could play other games like bowling, rings or shoot the MPs, which they enjoyed so much! Two kids also received a very special award for the best characterized boy and girl, our students Guim and Olatz won it, they really looked like from the 50’s.




Kids went to bed so tired after dancing so much, but they were so excited about how cool the party was!

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See you tomorrow!