Good morning parents!

The final stages of our term have arrived so yesterday was the time to award all those students who had stood out during the one or two weeks here in Vallclara. The Froggy awards, or the Oscar’s night as it used to be called, is probably the most well-known party of our summer camps, kids usually spend a lot of time during the term looking for a couple to share this emotional party with. All boys and girls dressed very smart and took pictures in our photocall with their couples and friends.


The night begun with a delicious dinner while monitors, MPs and teachers served the drinks to the students, some of them had dinner in our VIP tables which were reserved for those very important couples who were specifically chosen by the directive team. After the dinner, the awards ceremony started, awards like sleepy-head, party animal, most polite, best smile, best eyes and many others were given to the kids and, of course, the most important awards given last night, the Miss and Mr Vallclara 2017! This year, our Miss and Mr couple is formed by Jules Bugot and Ivet Parera!


The night ended up with some dances as some drops felt on the floor… the end of the term is almost here!

Remember that we will be posting more information about the term in the blog and you can see updated pictures in our Flickr. You can also follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

See you tomorrow!