Good morning parents!

Only two days to go and some students have to start thinking about leaving on Sunday… Yesterday was the last day with our usual timetable as today is excursion day. Before the excursion day we usually have a calmed and relaxing day so that kids don’t feel very tired on Saturday and can make the most of their journey!

Last Olympic games were played to decide the champion but kids won’t know it until Saturday because the points for the World Champions winners are still to be counted… Moreover, to make up for the effort that monitors and MPs make for the Froggy awards night, the older students also prepared some awards for the staff, a tradition we all like so much!

Also, classes were over for some students, they all did a test to know how much they had improved during their days in Vallclara, they all have learned a lot!


At night, we watched Bee movie in the theatre, we all had some popcorns and juice to make the night even better!

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The end of the term is coming… See you tomorrow!