Dear parents,

Today, the students had a reverse breakfast with their clothes inside out! We saw t-shirt labels, pants on their heads, socks on the ears and other crazy ways to wear clothes. In Vallclara’s dining room we sit with a monitor and teacher and only speak in English, we ask every question in English: “Can I have some water please?” “How were English classes today?”.

After the first class, we had a break where we learnt about the English Challenge. Alongside the Olympics competition, the teams compete by doing different English written activities in their free time. The daily sheets have to be completed before lunch! In addition to this, each student had to decide if they wanted to be in the black team or in the white team. These two teams played an important role in the night’s party.

After classes, we ate lunch and completed the final English activity of the day. This class is the most fun and consists of playing games, making up songs and learning new activities all in English!

During the afternoon, the students went to the swimming pool where they can play cards, jump in the pool and refresh a little. When we returned to the house, we ate a delicious snack and put on our trainers ready to compete in the Olympics. The competition is getting harder day after day and the teams are doing their best to win as many matches as possible. World Championship competition has also started and all the students are competing individually to be the best in their sport and win more points for their team.


Once the Olympics finished, the students showered and dressed up in their black and white clothes for our Black & White Party! The children were divided according to their clothing colour and met in the theatre to see if black or white would win the dance competition. Everyone of our students joined in the dancing and the monitors created some excellent choreography that the children reproduced wonderfully.

We had so much fun dancing in the competition! Nevertheless, we agreed that even if we are in different teams or from different countries we are all special and important in this world. We decided that Grey was the final winner, the mix between Black and White.

Good night!

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