Dear parents,

Today was Photos Day! We started the day activating our body by running and playing games before breakfast. After our first English class we had a little break when we dressed with the t-shirt of the school and took photos by monitors’ groups. As always, we did English Challenge and played World Championship, the competition is really fought. In the English Challenge, Geese are doing better and faster the English activities. However, in the Olympics, Foxes and Eagles are winning almost every match they do.

After the photos, the students came back to the classes with a different teacher and practised other aspects of the language  while having fun with their partners. Today’s lunch was unbeatable, spaghetti with meat and fish sticks. We enjoyed it a lot! Once we had lunch and played or rested a little the last English class started. As you know, the last English class consists of singing songs, playing games and practising everydays’ English.


Afterwards, we went to the swimming pool by teams. In English Summer, we consider that having confidence and a good relationship is the key to win the Olympic games. We enjoy seeing that olders and youngers play together and help each other in order to do their best. It is the best part of the competition. In the swimming pool, we took team photos, swam and played with our team companions.

Right after the swimming pool, the students had their afternoon snack and called their parents for the first time since they arrived to the camp. After explaining all the incredible adventures that we have lived these three days, we went by teams to Clubs. Clubs are different activities related to team-building, confidence and intelligence. This week we are doing: team technology, slackline, creative arts and games around the world. After that, we went to the sport tracks to play basketball, football, baseball and volleyball.

At dinner, we started smelling a really tasty dinner that happened to be pizza, which was accompanied with mashed carrots.


The party today was Real Movie, a party where a movie turns to be reality. The students were called in front of the garden and entered in the theater where we found a screen. Suddenly a video started to be displayed and we all listened carefully to the characters of the movie. The movie was about a native village where indians lived happily in peace. One day, a group of cowboys and cowgirls decided to conquer the territory and catch the head indian in order to be more powerful and own their land. However, something unexpected happened, Jessie, the daughter of the cowboys’ boss fell in love with the head indian and was determined to convince her father to set free the indians and live in peace. All the students divided into teams and did four different proofs related to cowboys and indians: Catch the cactus, Diana, be careful with the crocodile and run trough countryside. When they finished, Jessie had convinced his father and we witnessed a beautiful scene where the cowgirl and the indian pronounced their love to each other.

Children went to bed exhausted but delighted of having solved the conflict.

Good night!

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