Good morning,

On Friday, we woke up to a cloudy and rainy day. The students attended the last class of the week where they reviewed everything they had learned. Despite the weather, we enjoyed the rain by spending time together under the umbrella. However, by lunch time the sun had come out. After lunch, all the students went to their classes to do the exam. It was easy for some and difficult for others and it is done at the end of the week in order to see the weeks progress. Our students did their best to improve during the week. We will receive the results on Sunday and some class changes will be done.

Once they finished the exam, the sky was again a little bit cloudy and grey. So, we decided that instead of going to the pool we would play games to earn points for the Olympic’s competition. We played: “pass the word”, “Bingo songs”,… The teams cheered and danced a lot. During the Bingo we sang: “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid, “We are all in this together” from High School Musical, “Grease Lighting” from Grease and many other songs.


Right after these activities, we ate our snacks and started Olympic’s rotation. For one hour, the students played the four sports of English Summer and the monitors and MP’s cheered for their teams and sang the team anthems. Along with Olympics, we did the last rotation of first week clubs: Slackline, Arts & Crafts, Team Tech and Games Around the World.

At night, the party consisted of playing a game called “The Flag”. It’s a team building game where the teams made 2 groups. The first group was composed by Bears, Bees, Dolphins and Eagles and the second group by Foxes, Geese, Snakes and Turtles. The aim of the game is that each team has to find their Flag that is hidden in an area of the house. The flags were our lovely MP’s dressed up that could be moved by the children. Each member of the team has to find the flag and bring it to their area. It seems easy but it is difficult because each time a member of a team faces a person of the other team they have to play “Scissors, Paper and Rock” to continue walking. If they win they can continue, if not, they have to return to their team area and start again.

Students, monitors and MP’s had so much fun with this night game and run a lot. However, we had to go to bed early because the following day PortAventura and Costa Caribe were waiting for us.

“We are nervous and excited!” the students announced.

Good night!

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