Good morning,

Sunday 23rd was a busy day in Vallclara. The house was preparing to say goodbye to the students leaving in the morning and to welcome the new students joining us in the afternoon. The students woke up early packed the luggage for the ones leaving. We made our beds with new sheets and tidied up every room in the house.

At half past eleven, the parents started to arrive. There were happy tears when the students saw their families and also sad tears for going back home and leaving all the friends and experiences at Vallclara until next year. All together, family and students sat down in the benches in the garden for the closure ceremony. The house director, Pau Argilés talked a little about how the term had been and presented Enric Bartomeu. He is the monitor’s director who introduced the monitors and MP’s that had taken care of their children at the camp. After explaining his role and the activities in the camp, Enric passed the microphone to Jodie and Nancy, the English coordinators of the term who explained the development of the camp and the teaching of the English classes. They then introduced the English Teachers!


Afterwards, parents were given the opportunity to chat to the teachers about their child’s progress and to share a snack.

In the afternoon, we welcomed the new students who were arriving at camp. We were all so excited to meet them! We ate together for dinner and included them in our big Vallclara family. The party that evening also helped to welcome them, it was an improv theatre party. We had so much fun watching the monitors, students and MP’s creating such funny pieces of theatre on the spot!

We went to bed happy and excited for another week in Vallclara!

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