Good morning Vallclara!

24th of July was the first day for some and the beginning of a new week in Vallclara. We woke up at 8 o’clock, put on our trainers and started the day doing Froggy Games. Afterwards, it was breakfast time and we got into the dining room. Once we had finished breakfast, we brushed our teeth, did our bed and went to class to start doing a little bit of grammar. Our English coordinators, Jodie and Nancy told us which class were the students in and the students started meeting their companions and their teachers. Furthermore, the students learnt the first topic of the week.

At 11:30, we had a small break and we could buy in the bar and start playing the World Championship. It is an individual competition of tennis, table tennis, batminton or chess where each student plays alone in order to win points for the Olympic teams.

After this break, the students went back to class with a new teacher. At 13:30, it was lunch time! We had macarroni with tomato and mead and pork with ham and cheese. It was delicious!


In the afternoon, the students did the last English class which consist of games and cool activities in English. Right after this, we all together, monitors, MP’s and students went to the swimming pool of the village where we played many different activities: cards, jumping into the pool,… After a while, we returned to the house to have a snack and put on sport clothes. By teams, we did Clubs! This time the clubs where music club, escape room, circus,… One hour later, the clubs finished and we started the Olympics which are  a competition by teams that consist of playing team sports such as basketball, football, volleyball and baseball. The teams of the school are: Bears, Bees, Dolphins, Eagles, Foxes, Geese, Snakes and Turtles.

At night, the party was Rock & Roll and that is why we had dinner outside. We ate hamburgers, chips and ice cream and we met Sandy and Danny, the main characters of the famous film Grease. Sandy and Danny were characterised by two students and accompanied by all the monitors and some more students.


Right after dinner, monitors organised a dance contest where all the students could participate in couples. Moreover, there were other activities such as cooperative chairs, drinking and speaking, pythoness,… Each student could choose the activity that he or she liked the most. When the dance competition was finished, some awards were given. Two couples, one junior and one senior won the dancing diploma and one male and one female won the award to the best characterised.

We enjoyed a lot the party and we are all looking forward to assisting next party tomorrow!

Good night rock and rollers!

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